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Agri Expo Thailand

The 4th edition of Agri Expo Thailand 2023 was the unique agriculture exhibition is Thailand's dedicated agriculture technology event that brings together an international congregation of agriculture companies and also its supporting industries gathered in the heart of the agriculture industry in Khon Kaen, Thailand to showcase the latest developments in Thailand’s massive agriculture industry.

Fireworks Exhibitions and Conferences which boasts of a proven track record in the region for Agriculture events such as:

  • AGRI Indonesia
  • PALMEX Indonesia
  • PALMEX Thailand
  • PALMEX Africa
  • PALMEX Malaysia
  • World Sugar Expo
  • Sugarex Thailand
  • SugarTech Indonesia
  • Sugarex Africa
Opportunities In The Thai Agriculture Industry:
  • Agriculture Companies Looking For Upgrades of Machinery and tractors.
  • Agriculture Companies Looking Towards Mechanization
  • Thai Farmers on the look-out for latest harvesting tools and equipment. Including the latest planting methods, fertilizers and planting solutions.
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Facts Of The Agriculture Industry In Thailand

  • Cassava

    Cassava, an agro-industrial crop with a well-developed industry and market in the country, is considered one of Thailand’s most important economic crops. Supplying around 67% of the global market, Thailand was ranked as the world’s largest cassava products exporter with annual production of 33 million tons in 2016.

  • Rice

    Rice production in Thailand represents a significant portion of the Thai economy and labor force. Forty percent of Thais work in agriculture, 16 million of them as rice farmers by one estimate.

  • Coconut

    As of 19 April 2018, Thailand is the world’s #9 producer for coconuts with 1,010,000 tons produced.

  • Tea

    Thailand is not among the top 10 producers of tea worldwide, but it is nonetheless an important source of tea. What Thailand lacks in quantity it makes up in quality. Thailand produces green and oolong teas; some of these teas are among the most expensive and most desired teas, and are consumed in regions such as Taiwan with a strong demand for high-quality teas. Thailand also produces organic teas

  • Corn

    According to the Foreign Agricultural Service of the USDA, rice and corn production in Thailand is predicted to reach a record 21million and 5.1million tonnes respectively in the year 2018-19. High corn production is driven by the government’s direct payment program to encourage rice farmers to switch to corn, particularly in the non-irrigated offseason rice areas in the northern region.

An International Exhibition of Agriculture Companies, Agriculture Technology & Its Supporting Industries

“Thailand’s Agriculture Exposition At The Heart Of The Industry!”

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